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[NEW] Gtk 3 and gobject-introspection 0.10*  (gir version 1.2) 

languages : seedgjs,  

Generated from Ubuntu 11.04 and the gnome-3 ppa
many thanks to Sylvain Duclos for gjs work the generator now runs on gjs and seed.

Gtk 2.*  and gobject-introspection 0.9.3 (gir version 1.1)

languages : seed


Gtk 2.*  and gobject-introspection > 0.9.3  (gir version 1.2) 

languages : seed,  (comming one day --- python gjs)

Generated twice a week. this is for gobject-introspection from git

Build log for gir generation
JhBuild Logs for gir generation

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